Windows 10: Update error 0x800F0922

[German]Sometimes Windows 10 users are facing error 0x800f0922 during installing a cumulative update or a feature update. The system rolls back to the previous state. Here are a few details how to fix this issue.


Searching for details

Users running in an update install error are facing a 2nd problem. In many cases no error code is delivered. The system only reports progress to x %, and suddenly rolls back to a previous state. A typical report:

kb 3147458 will not install,

the installation stalls at bei 59% and the system is rolled back to a previous state.

How to obtain more details? One option is to open the settings app, go to Update and Security and check the hyperlink Extended options –> Update history for error messages. But in many cases, the information are not too helpful.

More details may be found within event manager, because Windows logs all steps and events within this data base.

Update Event

Just fire up event manager and go to branch Application and service protocols –> Microsoft – Windows – Windows Update Client – Operational.


Update Fehler

Double click an entry should open the Details tab to get more details about the install error. More hints may be found within my blog post Windows 10: Analyze upgrade errors.

Update error 0x800F0922

Update error 0x800F0922 means that Windows Update don't have a connection with Microsoft's Update servers.

  • In some cases an installed VPN software blocks the connection to Microsoft's Update servers. Uninstall the VPN software and try again.
  • I've seen also cases, where the free space on System reserved partitions is running low. Use a third party partition tool to check the free space on system reserved partitions.
  • If third party antivirus software is installed, uninstall this product. The use a vendor's clean tool, to remove install files left on the system. Then reboot Windows (press Shift key during selecting the Reboot option).
  • Try to check the system for damaged files (see Check and repair Windows system files and component store).

If sfc or dism are reporting system file errors, an Inplaces Upgrade may cure this issue.

Addendum: Services deactivated

The error code 0x800F0922 seems to be a generic error that has various causes. In addition to third-party virus scanners as the cause, deactivated services can also cause the error (see this German comment).


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