Azure Virtual Desktop is generally available (February 1, 2024)

[German]A small addendum to a topic that has been on my list for a few days. Microsoft has made Azure Virtual Desktop generally available (GA) on the Azure Stack HCI platform. Here is some information on this topic.


I became aware of the topic on February 1, 2024 via the following tweet by Julian Mooren. Mooren writes that the general availability (GA) of Azure Virtual Desktop on the Azure Stack HCI platform came somewhat unexpectedly. Tests with the preview had already been taking place for months.

Microsoft announced the availability on February 1, 2024 in the Techcommunity post Azure Stack HCI version 23H2 is generally available. Azure Stack HCI version 23H2 is no longer referred to as a "preview" in the Azure portal and is therefore generally available. Generally available means that Azure Stack HCI version 23H2 is ready for production use.

Starting February 1, 2024, customers can now use new deployments of Azure Stack HCI version 23H2 and also receive production-level technical support from Azure Support. General availability includes all Azure Arc infrastructure required to deploy and manage workloads, including:

  • The Arc Resource Bridge,
  • Custom Location
  • and the new Azure Kubernetes Service powered by Azure Arc.

You can read more about the new functions in the post Azure Stack HCI version 23H2 is generally available. Julian Mooren quotes in his tweet the service fee for the AVD control plane for usage to $0.01 per vCore/hour.


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