LibreOffice Portable 5.4.0 fails to launch

[German]Blog reader Ralf Lindemann stumbled upon a bug in LibreOffice 5.4.0 portable. His portable variant didn’t launch under Windows. But he managed to fix that issue – and shared his findings with us.


LibreOffice is the free Office solution from The Document Foundation. End of July 2017 Version 5.4 has been released, and for Windows is also a portable version available (doesn’t need to be installe).

LibreOfficePortable 5.4.0 failed to startet

LibreOffice Version 5.4.0 has been released on Juli 28. 2017, and the portable app has been available since August 14, 2017 als a project from and The Document Foundation. Ralf updated his portable install a few days ago. Whilst the updaten ran flawless, LibreOffice portable wasn’t able to start after updating.

VC 2015 Runtime is missing

Ralf found after a search a forum entry in LibreOfficePortable forum. It was a known issue, John T. Haller pointed out, that „VC 2015 runtime libraries“ are missing on affected systems (see). There is a test patch:

LibreOfficePortable_5.4.0_Rev_2_Dev_Test_1.paf.exe (3,9 MB)

This patch has to be installed like an ordinary program update. The download link may be found within a post from John T. Haller (August 15, 2017 – 10:04am). After installing this patch, LibreOffice should launch as espected. This issues isn’t mentioned on LibreOfficePortable home page nor on the support pages.


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