Microsoft Answers forum down?

[German]Just a short message: It seems that the Microsoft Answers forum is currently down. I can't reach the English and the German forums at


I was writing a forum post this morning (German time) and suddenly the forum stopped my edit mode. I wasn't able to send the post. After my attempt to refresh the browser page, I received this message within my German browser.

Microsoft Answers-Fehler

The outage is now more than 2 hours. It's not a common Internet issue, because I can reach other web sites, also Mirosoft's Technet forum. Can somebody else confirm this outage?

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2 Responses to Microsoft Answers forum down?

  1. Hey says:

    Up for me now.

    • guenni says:

      Thx for feedback. It seems that it's related to my Chrome browser. While Chrome opens all other sites, he refuse to display MS answers forum entries. At least I managed it to view the forum entry in Slimjet browser. It seems, that the forum thread has been deleted, whilst I wrote a reply to the thread. And obviously something is terribly broken in Chrome. Have to dig into the details.

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