Microsoft Office Viewer reaches End of Life 2017/2018

If you are still using the free Microsoft Office Viewer, it’s time to say good by. Microsoft has announced the end of life for those viewers (Word Viewer, Excel Viewer and PowerPoint Viewer).


In the past, Microsoft provided free Office Viewers (e. g. Word Viewer, Excel Viewer, PowerPoint Viewer). The viewers made it possible to display Office documents, even if no Office was installed on the system. The problem for Microsoft: The viewer has security vulnerabilities and needs to be patched. Since free apps for opening Office documents and web apps are available, Microsoft is phasing out support for the Office viewers.

  • Word Viewer: The support ends in November 2017 – the announcement has been made last year on this page.
  • Excel Viewer: Support for this viewer ends in April 2018, as Microsoft has announced within Office-Blog.
  • PowerPoint Viewer: Also this viewer will reach end of support in April 2018, as announced within the linked blog post.

There are OneDrive Web Apps or free Office apps for Android, iOS or Windows to open Office documents without installing Office.


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