Google Chrome Version 65 released

[German]has released version 65 of its Chrome browser for desktop systems (Linux, macOS and Windows) and Android. The new version mainly contains security updates.


Maintenance update with 45 security fixes

The new chrome version has the build number 65.0.3325.146, as you can read in the chrome release channel. The change log can be called up here (deleted). A total of 45 security fixes relate to Flash, the V8 engine, the PDF viewer, WebGL, the OmniBox, the SVG filters, XSS, IPC calls and the app manifests. A list of the 45 closed vulnerabilities is available in the Chrome Release Channel.

New APIs

For developers, Chrome 65 offers new API features that were introduced by Google in February 2018. The CSS Paint API, an API allows developers to generate images using JavaScript within CSS code.

Blocking tab-under-redirects

Bleeping Computer reported here, that Chrome 65 is now blocking tab-under redirects. That means: A Web page opens links in new tabs and redirects the old tab with the browser content to a new URL. Tab-unders are used by malvertisers, but also by regular ad formats, to bypass the Chrome built in pop-up blocker. The technology allows advertisers to open multiple tabs to bring unwanted products, services or websites to the fore and push the user on.

Chrome Tab-under Redirect-Warnung
(Chrome Tab-under Redirect warning, Source: Google/Bleeping Computer)

Bleeping Computer has published an article in October 2017 about this issue. And Google confirmed it in November 2017, as Bleeping Computer reported here. The function has now been implemented in Chrome 65, as announced. 


Where can I get the update?

Users who have installed Chrome should receive the update automatically in the next few days. Alternatively, you can download the Google Chrome installer for desktop systems, Android and iOS from this Google page and install the browser. 

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