End of life for Groove Music on Android and iOS

Users of an Android or iOS device who are using the Groove Music apps need to look for an alternative. Microsoft has withdrawn the app from Google and Apple store and will retire Groove Music on December 1st 2018.


Microsoft has already retired Groove Music as a streaming service at the end of 2017, but promised to continue the app under Windows 10. But Microsoft has pulled the Groove Music app for Android and iOS from their app stores, as I read here in a The Verge article.

“Tomorrow we’re notifying customers that on December 1, 2018, the Groove Music iOS and Android apps will also be retired and, effective June 1, are no longer available for download,”

say a Microsoft speaker end of May 2018 in a statement to The Verge. This also means that users can no longer use Groove Music to access MP3s or other audio files from Microsoft’s OneDrive Cloud service.

However, Microsoft says that music files “will continue to be available and playable on OneDrive” and can be accessed by other applications. Microsoft has obviously given up offering a music app on the major mobile platforms. Any of you affected?


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