Revised .NET Framework Update KB4340558 (July 19, 2018)

Windows Update[German]Just a brief not to users/admins, who are suffering from .NET-Framework installation error 0x80092004. Microsoft released Update KB4340558 for .NET Framework on July 19, 2018 via Microsoft Update Catalog.


What's the problem with update KB4340558?

Update KB4340558 (Security and Quality Rollup updates for .NET Framework 3.5 SP1, 4.5.2, 4.6, 4.6.1, 4.6.2, 4.7, 4.7.1, and 4.7.2 for Windows 8.1, RT 8.1, and Server 2012 R2) has been initially released on July 10, 2018 via Windows Update (see my blog post Microsoft Patchday: Other Updates July 10, 2018).

On many machines, however, the installation was aborted with the error code 0x80092004 (see my blog post Net Framework: Update KB4340558 drops error 0x80092004?).

Several attempts to fix that issue

Microsoft has published the article "0x80092004" error occurs and July 2018 .NET Security and Quality Rollup update KB4340557 or KB4340558 does not install after you apply June update KB4291497 or KB4291495 on July 13, 2018. Microsoft suggests two workarounds within the article, which were successful for some users, the .NET framework update could be installed. However, other users were still facing installation error 0x80092004.

Subsequently, update KB4340558 was offered again in the Microsoft Update Catalog with the modification date July 16, 2018. Whether something was changed within the package itself or only the metafiles, I could not determine. Today, German blog reader TomParis1975 (thx) posted a comment, mentions, that update KB4340558 has been re-released on July 19, 2018 in Microsoft Update Catalog. Tom wrote:

There is a working official MS solution since last night:

Microsoft Update Catalog (KB4340558)

I'm glad I didn't rush into anything yesterday. I was already removing one of the updates as recommended
– 2018-06 Preview of Quality Rollup for.NET Framework … (KB4291497)
which was recommended by some people (thanks to everyone!), but was installed on my system according to WinUpd, but not listed in "programs / installed updates" and not available according to "wusa / uninstall " (super..)
– or 2018-07 security update only for.NET Framework … for Windows 8.1 and Server 2012 R2 for x64 (KB4340006) (that seemed right to me, but I wasn't sure)

so, now the 3 replacement patches downloaded (see link), installed 8415, 8419, restarted. They said 8424 was already installed. Update now is completely ok (also lists 4340558 as installed correctly)

Update KB4340558: Einzel-Downloads


At this point, I would like to ask those affected who have not been helped by previous workarounds and revisions: Will the installation of Update KB4340558 work if the three individual packages in question are newly downloaded from the Microsoft Update Catalog?

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15 Responses to Revised .NET Framework Update KB4340558 (July 19, 2018)

  1. brian says:

    Still not working for me.

    • Hermit_Within says:

      Same here. What a crap. I want this installed now. Nothing still works for me. Did everything that's stated. So much for a "solution" of MS.

      Everything else installs just fine, except part KB4338419 from the three separate files of the whole KB4340558 patch. The other 2 install fine ( KB4338415 & KB4338424 )… still don't know what to do.

  2. Ted Burton says:

    Been having issues with this all damn week. Tried to install the original update. Failed the first two times. Then the third time it said it was successful but when I looked in my list of installed updates it wasn't there and when I checked for new updates it was still available for download. Tried installing it again and it either failed each time or hung up my computer during reboot. Tried a system restore but now that started hanging during reboot. Tried installing the rereleased versions but it would always hang on 4338419. So now Windows update, my Brave browser, and system restore were all corrupt through this ordeal. Ended up doing a system recovery which seems to have worked but I'll need to install that update again eventually. Might hold off for a while. Get your shit together, Microsoft.

  3. Ross_S says:

    Still not working for me either, tried the new version, like Hermit_Within said (kb4338415 installed fine, kb4338419 failed, and kb4338424 came back as already installed)

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  5. Tony says:

    Not working for me either.

    KB4338415 – Shows as already installed
    KB4338419 – Fails to install
    KB4338424 – Shows as already installed

    Could this be that .NET 4.7.2 (KB4054566) fails to install as well?

  6. S Gerrard says:

    Nope, this fix isn't working for me either on Server 2012 r2

    KB4338415 – Installs correctly
    KB4338419 – Fails to install
    KB4338424 – Shows as already installed

    Also, recent offline standalone .NET 4.7.2 installer (KB4054530) fails to install with the following error in the log:

    Final Result: Installation failed with error code: (0x80092004), "Cannot find object or property. "

    • Jon Glenn says:

      Same situation for me:
      KB4338415 – Installs correctly
      KB4338419 – Fails to install
      KB4338424 – Shows as already installed

      Has anyone been lucky enough to find a fix?

  7. Carl says:

    Only thing that worked for me was popping in a 2012 R2 DVD (or ISO since it was a VM) and do an "Upgrade". After that reapplying all of the patches went fine. Sadly it takes hours to do.

  8. Hermit_Within says:

    That didn't work for me Carl.

    However, the below did:

    Microsoft guided on how to install KB4340558. 1. Download the KB4340558 (3 patches). Install using command line:
    A)Expand first using this command "expand -f:* "
    B)Install "dism /online /add-package /packagepath:"
    2. First and third can be installed successfully but the second package kb4338419-x64 will fail. To resolve, remove it first. "dism /online /remove-package /packagepath:" then reinstall. (remove again if fail and redo). Restart server after successful.
    3. After restarted you should be able to check Windows update that the KB is installed and left with other patch to be installed.

    Credits to YTE for this solution! Thanks :-)

  9. Kiroupirou says:

    I have tried the YTE solution and it works. Testing a bit more, I've ended to run only dism /online /remove-package for the kb4338419 and then re-run Windows Update.

  10. Tony says:

    I can confirm that this solution from YTE also worked for me also.

    It also allowed me to finally install .NET 4.7.2

  11. Jason says:

    I had got the three individual packages newly downloaded from the Microsoft Update Catalog, but it doesn't work

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