A mysterious PowerShell error message

Warning, it's a kind of joke, but it's real. Windows is used everywhere. As a Windows user I 've seen several obscure error messages. Now a somewhat obscure case has come to my eyes.


Ticket vending machines with Windows blue screens, ATM with ransomware messages and so on. But the picture from the following tweet leaves me puzzling.

Well, there is Windows 7 on the screen and the open window belongs to the PowerShell console. I managed to see, that an update attempt via PowerShell script seems to fail. But the place where this Windows system works gives me some puzzles. What do you think: Malware in the toilet or a plumber's special solution?

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  1. Tanzz Anite says:

    Advertising to a "captive" audience in the men's room of your local pub/restaurant. It's almost everywhere here in vancity…

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