Microsoft Managed Desktop announced

[German]The rumours have been confirmed, at the beginning of August 2018 some reports about a ‘Desktop as a service’ (DaaS) from Microsoft has been published? The assumption was, that Microsoft could offer devices on a rental basis. This is now becoming a reality under the term Microsoft Managed Desktop.


Software as a service, i.e. subscription models for programs, have long been known. Microsoft offers something like this for Windows and Office 365. So it is obvious to add hardware and rent it out.

Microsoft Managed Desktop

Now Microsoft has announced its plans in the blog post Collaborating with customers and partners to deliver a modern desktop: Microsoft Managed Desktop. Microsoft Managed Desktop (MMD) is a new entry-level offering that combines Microsoft 365 Enterprise, Device as a Service and cloud-based device management from Microsoft. MMD enables customers to maximize the focus of their IT organizations on their business while Microsoft manages their modern desktops.

Microsoft is working with Lloyds Banking Group and Seattle Reign FC to offer MMD. Both companies have partnered with Microsoft to develop the concept. On the hardware side, strategic partners such as Dell, HP, DXC, HCL, Computacenter and Accenture/Avanade are involved. Mary Foley has summarized some more information in this article at


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