Firefox 63.0.3 released

MozillaMozilla's developers have just released version 63.0.3 of the Firefox browser for Windows, Linux and macOS. It is a maintenance update which fixes bugs and vulnerabilities.


I used the menu and the help menu command About Firefox to check for updates and was offered the update for installation.

Firefox 63.0.3

Firefox version 63.0.3 fixes the following issues:

  • Games using WebGL (created in Unity) get stuck after very short time of gameplay (bug 1502748)
  • Slow page loading for some users with specific proxy configurations (bug 1495024)
  • Disable HTTP response throttling by default for causing bugs with videos in background tabs (bug 1503354)
  • Opening magnet links no longer works (bug 1498934)
  • Crash fixes (bug 1498510, bug 1503424)

Details may be found here, the release notes may be found here. The download may be obtained here.

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  1. EP says:


    starting with Firefox 63 for Windows, users can no longer disable automatic updates for Firefox as noted in this old page:

    -Mozilla removed the option to disable automatic updates in Firefox 63.0.

    more info about Firefox 63.0.3 also listed on

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