Tor Browser 8.0.6 released

SicherheitOn February 12, 2019, the developers released Tor Browser 8.0.6. This is a maintenance update that updates Firefox 60.5.0esr and several other components.


The Tor-Bundle supports anonymous surfing on the Internet. In addition to the important security updates for Firefox 60.5.1esr, the Tor browser contains 8.0.6 bug fixes. Here is a short overviewt:

All platforms
* Update Firefox to 60.5.1esr
* Update HTTPS Everywhere to 2019.1.31
* Bug 29378: Remove from default bridges

* Build System
* All Platforms
* Bug 29235: Build our own version of python3.6 for HTTPS Everywhere

An overview can be found here

Tor Browser web site
Tor Download


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