Happy Sysadmin day 2019

On the last Friday in July (today July 26, 2019) is Sysadmin-Day, on which system administrators all over the world are celebrated. This memorial day was invented by system administrator Ted Kekatos and has been held since July 28, 2000.


On this day we should think of his system administrators, who mostly do their job in the background and thank them for their good work.

How do I identify the sysadmin?

Sysadmins are the people who keep the things called IT running somehow. It the guys (and girls) that disappear into the server room with a smile even during a Windows 10 patchday In there 'it's cool man'! If you've identified such a rare person, take care of it so it doesn't shrink. But please don't pour …

What we do for our Sysadmins

I have some things, we can share with our sysadmins:

And here is a collection of things, we, the users, granted to our sysdamins to keep them busy and happy:

  • The standard sentence "Dat does not work! I haven't done anything" delights every sysadmin – he knows immediately that he has to look for the error with himself.
  • Then another standard to keep your sysadmin happy. I have a question, 'my computer at home has a strange problem …'. Share your private IT issues with your sysadmin. Not that he's bored, and yet creates privacy immediately.
  • There is an error message and you inform the sysadmin with a precise error description of the kind 'Hello, there's something wrong, I couldn't remember the error message, but that's where you always have to press on it, then it comes – you know, last year was with the colleague just like that'.
  • If the printer doesn't do it because toner or paper is out, just call 'Guys, I don't know, I wanted to print, but it's not working'. So that they have something to test and definitely see that it works, you have clicked the print button 10 times to print the last 100 page document selected.
  • And the classic: Foreign e-mail with attachment, must be opened immediately, could be a cat picture in it. And then call your sysadmin – 'Hello guys, after the last mail my computer reacts funny and there comes a text – something has been encrypted – you can have a look. By the way, my colleague's computer now reports the same thing.' … makes every administrator sweat – once a day you should really challenge your body and get into the

To be continued …. so happy sysadmin day


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