Blizzard blocks account deletion after Hong Kong boycott?

[German]The game provider Blizzard probably started to block the deletion of user accounts after the Hongkong boycott call. Here is some information about what this is all about.


I don't know if Blizzard players are among the blog readers. So I'm just posting a brief outline here.

Blizzard Blocks Players Because of Honkong Protests

The American games publisher Blizzard has banned a Hearthstone professional from Hong Kong from tournaments for one year. The reason: The e-athlete Ng "blitzchung" Wai Chung had solidarized in a livestream with the protests in Hong Kong. Two interviewers were even dismissed.

Background: In Hong Kong, protests have been going on for about 3 months against planned laws and the government. China therefore puts pressure on foreign organisations.

Blizzard Community Calls for Boycott

The suspension of the professional e-sports player Ng Wai Chung has caused protests in the gamer community. On you can find this entry, where the Hearthstone team of the American University calls for a boycott of the manufacturer:

American University Hearthstone team holds up "Free Hong Kong, boycott Blizzard" sign during Collegiate Hearthstone Championship. Blizzard quickly cuts their broadcast.

On Twitter there is the hashtag #Blizzardboycott, where people support a boycott. 


Buzzfeed News has reported about this a couple of hours ago. Gamer uninstall the manufacturer's software and have begun to terminate their user accounts.

Deleting user account blocked?

I'm not into this because I'm not a player. I just saw a tweet from @GossiTheDog on Twitter showing that Blizzard is taking countermeasures.

The tweet shows that a number of people suddenly realized that they could no longer delete their accounts at Blizzard. Began when the boycott started. Anyone affected? In Europe you can invoke the DSGVO and demand deletion. Someone has just successfully exercised that.

He used a text message for authentication. The whole thing could be a technical problem, but a taste already has it. Any of you affected?

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