Microsoft Q&A replaces Technet and MSDN

[German]Just a brief note: Microsoft has been struggling with the content hosted on its Technet and MSDN sites for some time now. Now Microsoft has launched a new offer (Q&A) to replace both Technet and MSDN.


The fact that Technet and MSDN are no more 'rising stars' at Microsoft has been visible for quite some time. In April 2019 there was a major cleanup at Microsoft, 15 years of blog posts and KB articles from the Technet and MSDN area were deleted. I had mentioned that within my German article Das Internet vergisst nichts? Von wegen! Microsofts-Aufräumarbeiten. After massive protests, Redmond started restoring the deleted content (see my article Microsoft restores deleted Technet- and MSDN-Blogs).

Microsoft Q&A as Technet and MSDN replacement

I just noticed a tweet from Rafael Rivera about the new Microsoft Q&A offer. Rafael mentioned hte new offer.

Within this article Microsoft writes, that MSDN and TechNet forums have been a major contributor for over 10 years to […] customers being able to have technical questions answered by Microsoft and the community. For me, the forums have often been a 1st playe for searches about issues.

However, Microsoft has realized that over time and technological development, the needs of the community have grown beyond what existing Technet and MSDN forums can provide. So they thought of new things that would be more robust and user-friendly.


Microsoft Q&A
(Microsoft Q&A, Source: Microsoft)

The new Q&A Experience offering is designed to provide relevant and timely answers to technical problems maintained by a community of experts and Microsoft engineers. The Q&A page is intended to provide a variety of new features and experiences that Microsoft listed in this article. The GIF animation above shows how Microsoft sees it that way. At the moment, some of the information in the Azure area is being activated. This link takes you to the Azure Active Directory Q&A for example – further details can be found in this article and in the already mentioned article.

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