Tabs grouping comes in Google Chrom browser

[German]Google's developers startet to support grouping tabs in Chrome browser. The new feature is available in beta and will to be rolled out step by step to the users of the browser.


The developers have announced the new feature in blog the post Keep tabs on your tabs in Google Chrome in Google Blog. According to the developers' findings, there are two types of Chrome users. Those who have no tabs or only a few tabs open in the browser at the same time. And the other type of users who are true tab collectors (yours truly, for example). There, the context menu quickly opens a lot of web pages on separate tabs to read them later. And then you sometimes lose track of which possibly related articles are found on which tabs.

Tab groups will come

For both minimalists and 'collectors', the developers now provide tab groups. This is a new way to organize tabs in Chrome.

Chrome Registerkartengruppen
(Chrome tab croups, Click to zoom)

Users can group tabs and label them with a user-defined name and color with a simple right-click using the context menu (see figure above). Once the tabs are grouped, they can be moved and rearranged on the tab bar.   

This feature is now available in the Chrome Beta version. Chrome developers and some beta testers have been trying out tab groups for several months. As a result, people at Google have found that some people like to group their Chrome tabs by theme. This is helpful, for example, if someone is working on multiple projects or wants to browse multiple shopping and review sites. But people find new ways to organize the tabs in the browser every day. For example, tabs can be sorted and grouped by urgency.


Tab groups are customizable, so you can decide how you want to use them. And just like normal tabs, your groups are saved when you close and reopen Chrome.

Note: Surely a nice step for some users – I wouldn't use it myself. What annoys me more: That the Chromium are real memory consumer when several tabs are open. And with mobile devices the feature is not likely to come. There I would rather wish that the power consumption of the chrome app would be reduced. A little surfing, and you can use your smartphone case near the CPU as a finger warmer in winter.

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