Tor Browser 9.5.1

Sicherheit[German]Short addendum for users of the Tor bundle. The developers have already released version 9.5.1 on  June 30, 2020, which includes the new Firefox.


My Tor installation has just updated. The change log for the Tor Browser 9.5.1 shows the following changes.

* All Platforms
   * Update Firefox to 68.10.0esr
   * Update NoScript to 11.0.32
   * Translations update
   * Bug 40009: Improve tor's client auth stability
* Windows + OS X + Linux
   * Bug 34361: "Prioritize .onion sites when known" appears under General
   * Bug 34362: Improve Onion Service Authentication prompt
   * Bug 34369: Fix learn more link in Onion Auth prompt
   * Bug 34379: Fix learn more for Onion-Location
   * Bug 34347: The Tor Network part on the onboarding is not new anymore

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