Shodan Chrome-Extension shows open ports of sites

[German]Short information I just came across on Twitter. The operators of the search engine Shodan have published a chrome extension that shows open ports of visited websites. .


Shodan is a search engine that allows users to find certain types of computers and services that are accessible via the Internet through a series of filters. It is used by security researchers to find open servers or to find out information about servers. This is because Shodan returns server metadata to the requesting client. So much for Shodan. The operator has posted the following message on Twitter.

Shodan Chrome Extension

The extension is available in the Chrome Store. After installation in Google Chrome, the extension can be enabled or disabled from the toolbar and shows the open ports of the visited web page in the browser.

Port Status in Chrome

I don't know if someone can use that and from a security point of view install such extensions in the browser.


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