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[German]Just a short information: The website will get a 'change of it's head'. Woody Leonhard, who has been running the project for many years, is stepping down and putting the site into new hands.


Since I had been in contact with Woody Leonhard behind the scenes for long time – I knew about his retirement plans at the end of 2020 for private (also health) reasons. He had asked me for a successor for Now it is official, because Woody Leonhard has announced it on Twitter and his site.

Woody hands over his website to MVP colleague Susan Bradley, who has been on board as 'Patch Lady' for quite some time and also runs A nice solution for, I think.

I wish Woody Leonhard (from my seat heare) all the best and good health for his future life and a successful retirement – the old IT veterans are now slowly making their exit (won't think about my own retirement, that's nearing 2021 – but plan to let it fade out slowly over the next years). And I wish Susan Bradley a warm welcome and a successful start as the new head of – I look forward to her upcoming contributions.  

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