Does Chrome now block too resource intensive advertising?

[German]It looks like Google is rolling out the Chrome function in the browser, which was announced a long time ago and stops too resource-intensive advertising in web pages.


Aron Pilhofer has now noticed for the first time a corresponding display in the chrome browser when visiting the New York Times. He put the whole thing online in the following tweet.

Chrome blockt zu ressourcenintensive Werbung

The message 'This ad used too many resource for your device, so Chrome removed it' will appear in the corresponding advertising field. I had pointed this out in the blog post Chrome will stop resource-heavy Ads in May 2020. To save the batteries and mobile data plans of Chrome users, Chrome is supposed to limit the resources an ad can use. If an ad reaches its resource limit, it is redirected to an error page informing the user that the ad has used too many resources. The announcement of these actions can be found in the Chromium blog. Any of you who have seen this ad before?

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