Thunderbird 91.4.1

[German]The developers of the Thunderbird email client have released Thunderbird 91.4.1 on December 17, 2021. This is a maintenance update for the 91 development branch, which makes numerous fixes. Here is a brief overview.


German blog reader 1ST1 has mentioned the update here (thanks). According to the Thunderbird release notes, the update includes the following fixes. Some fixes might fix the slow startup of the previous Thunderbird versions, which were also discussed here on the blog.

  • Attachments that should be opened in Thunderbird, such as ICS attachments, were offered to save the file instead
  • Saving attachments from IMAP accounts whose usernames contained special characters failed
  • Temporary files created for forwarded attachments sometimes had the wrong extension
  • S/MIME signatures were displayed as invalid by Outlook
  • URL input fields on content tabs incorrectly displayed a search glass icon on macOS
  • Message bars (e.g. content locks) did not use contrasting theme colors
  • Some messages with autocrypt headers loaded slowly, causing Thunderbird to hang
  • Server hostnames were truncated in account management
  • Account setup did not support non-ASCII characters in passwords
  • Account setup did not always preserve set values
  • For virtual folders, folder selection was not preserved if a folder name contained non-ASCII characters
  • Messages saved as "html" or "eml" did not contain message headers
  • The "Private web page" field was not included when exporting a contact to a vCard
  • Addons were still active after restarting Thunderbird in troubleshooting mode with the "Disable all addons" option enabled
  • FileLink attachments did not always show the FileLink provider icon
  • FileLink privacy notifications remained in the creation window after all FileLink attachments were removed
  • The "loading" icon remained after a failed FileLink upload
  • Longer event names for multi-day events were not wrapped

In addition, various theme and UX improvements were made. Two security fixes were shipped, see the corresponding link in the release notes for details.

System requirements

The system requirements for the different operating system versions (see here for more details):

  • Windows: Windows 7 and later
  • Mac: Mac OS X 10.9 and later
  • Linux: GTK+ 3.14 and higher versions

The download of the free Thunderbird is available here.

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