Trend Micro Worry Free Business Security Critical Patch 2390

Update[German]Der Sicherheitsanbieter Trend Micro hat zum 15.2.2022 das Update 2390 für seine Worry Free Business Security (WFBS) freigegeben. Der Patch aktualisiert den Apache Web-Server auf Version 2.4.5 und behebt diverse Problemein der Virenschutzlösung. Um diesen Patch zu installieren, muss genügend freier Festplattenspeicher (13 GByte oder mehr) auf dem Systemlaufwerk vorhanden sein.


TM WFBS 10.0 Patch 2390

Zum 15. Februar 2022 hat Trend Micro für sein Worry Free Business Security 10.0 den Patch 2390 freigegeben. Der Patch lässt sich im Download-Center als WFBS-100-SP1-WIN-ALL-Patch-2390 herunterladen. In der Readme erfährt man folgendes:

2. What's New
     This release includes the following enhancements and resolves the   
     following known issues:

     2.1 Enhancements
     The following enhancements are included in this release:

     Enhancement 1: This Patch updates the Apache web server to version

     Enhancement 2: This Patch applies security enhancements to the
                    Worry-Free Business Security local Smart Scan Server.
     NOTE:          To complete the Smart Scan Server upgrade, ensure
                    that there is sufficient free disk space on the
                    Security Server drive before applying this Patch.
                    Required free disk space: Twice the size of the
                    "\Trend Micro\Security Server\PCCSRV\wss" folder
                    plus 1.0 GB

     2.2 Resolved Known Issues
     This release resolves the following issues:

     Issue 1:     (SEG-117485)
                  The Worry-Free Business Security Server console might
                  become inaccessible.
     Solution 1:  This Patch resolves this issue. 

     Issue 2:     (SEG-123664)
                  The Worry-Free Business Security Agent process might
                  crash unexpectedly.
     Solution 2:  This Patch updates the Worry-Free Business Security
                  Agent module to resolve this issue.

     Issue 3:     (SEG-127892, SEG-127920)
                  A CGI error occurs when using "ClnDiag" administrator
                  tool to check the connection status.
     Solution 3:  This Patch resolves this issue.

     Issue 4:     (SEG-130851)
                  An "Unknown OS" message appears on the device list of
                  Worry-Free Business Security Server console when the
                  operating system is Microsoft(TM) Server 2022.
     Solution 4:  This Patch resolves this issue.
  3. Documentation Set
     To download or view electronic versions of the documentation set
     for this product, go to

  4. System Requirements
     You must install Worry-Free Business Security 10.0 Service Pack 1
     before installing this Patch.  

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