Intune-Issue with Android 12 devices confirmed

[German]Microsoft's Intune team has confirmed a know issue with Intune. Customers with Android devices lose access to Intune-managed resources after upgrading to Android 12.


The team wrote on Techcommunity, that it is aware of an issue where customers lose access to Microsoft Intune-managed resources or are prevented from completing enrollment after upgrading certain devices from Android 11 to Android 12. This issue affects the following devices:

  • OPPO devices
  • OnePlus devices
  • Realme devices

OPPO has identified what they believe to be the root cause and they are working on submitting a fix that will be released as part of their next OTA update for Android 12. Google is currently working with OnePlus and Realme to identify the root cause and a possible fix. (via)

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