Thunderbird 102.3.2

[German]The developers of Thunderbird had to release another update of the email client to version 102.3.2 on October 7, 2022. It is a bug fix update, which should fix a number of bugs. Here is an overview.


Thunderbird 102.3.2

According to the Thunderbird release notes, the following changes have been made in this version: 

Thunderbird tries to use POP CRAM-MD5 authentication even if it is not offered by the server.

There are also fixes to the following bugs, which are listed as fixed:

  • Checking messages on POP3 accounts caused the POP folder to lock if the mail server was slow or unresponsive
  • Newsgroups named with consecutive dots were not displayed when refreshing the newsgroup list
  • When sending news articles whose lines start with a dot, they were sometimes truncated
  • CardDAV server synchronization failed if the sync token had expired
  • Contacts from LDAP address books under macOS were not displayed
  • Chat account input now accepts URIs for supported chat protocols
  • The Chat ScreenName field was not migrated to the new address book
  • When creating a new event from the Today window, the currently selected day from the main calendar was used instead of the Today window
  • The "New event" button in the "Today" pane was sometimes incorrectly disabled
  • Appointment reminder windows were not closed after being discarded or put into snooze mode
  • Improved performance when calculating the date for recurring events
  • Quarterly calendar appointments on the last day of the month were repeated one month too early
  • Thunderbird got stuck when the calendar event exceeded the year 2035
  • Spaces in calendar events were not handled correctly when upgrading from Thunderbird 91 to 102

In addition, the team mentions several visual and UX improvements. Regarding the issues I was experiencing when deleting calendar entries (could not be deleted), there seem to have been improvements – but I'm not sure if all bugs are really gone. The system requirements for the different operating system versions are (see here for more details):  

  • Windows: Windows 7 or higher
  • Mac: Mac OS X 10.12 or higher
  • Linux: GTK+ 3.14 or higher

The download of the free Thunderbird is available here. (via)

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  1. faasyla says:

    Upgrading from Thunderbird 91 to 102 caused issues with the handling of spaces in calendar events.

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