Adobe Acrobat (Reader) DC 2022.003.20258; Installer Error 2251.Database: Transform

[German]Adobe has released its (planned) update of Adobe Acrobat (Reader) DC to version 2022.003.20258 (Windows) and (Mac) on October 11, 2022. This update includes some new features and fixes some bugs. However, the installation ends with the error "2251.Database: Transform" for some users.


Adobe Acrobat (Reader) DC 2022.003.20258

This update contains (according to Adobe, see) some new features. The DC moniker was removed from the Acrobat and Reader Installer dialogs. Furthermore, dialogs, the Updater user interface, the About Acrobat window, the splash screen, the title bar and other areas of the application have been revised. This update includes also some bugs fixes – according to this description. The download links are provided on the Release Notes page for the Windows and Mac versions. (via).

Installer Error "2251.Database: Transform"

Below are user reports, that the installer fails with an error code 2251, that is read as:

"Error 2251.Database: Tansform: Cannot delete row that does not exist. Table: Shortcut."

In the Adobe support forum there is now this thread where the bug is also discussed:

Update Failed – Error 2251

Anyone else having trouble installing the latest updates for Adobe Acrobat?

We're seeing this error in our office:

Error 2251.Database:  Transform:  Cannot delete row that does not exist.  Table: Shortcut.

I clicked on Details, and it takes you to a support site, but no info on this particular error code.

Adobe Updater Error 2251.Database:  Transform:

Above screenshot shows the error message. Adobe Support has replied in this thread that they have identified the cause. However, an interim patch does not seem to have changed the installation error and the developers are still working on a fix.


Addendum: A hotfix has been released to fix that issue – see Adobe Acrobat (Reader) DC 2022.003.20263 fixes install error "2251.Database: Transform".

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9 Responses to Adobe Acrobat (Reader) DC 2022.003.20258; Installer Error 2251.Database: Transform

  1. Paul says:

    Fails in my case.
    "Error 2251.Database: Transform: Cannot delete row that does not exist. Table: Shortcut."

    Very cryptic.

  2. Rick says:

    Same error here, 2251, on numerous machines at my company.

    Been working on this all morning and finally found someone else with the same issue.

  3. Gertjan Jongeneel says:

    Same issue here. We did use a customized transform file for installing Adobe Acrobat (Reader) DC initially. At that time, it did not result in any errors. However, with this update 2022.003.20258 it shows the exact same error.

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  5. Ben says:

    Getting the same error here, where we also use a transform to remove shortcuts for a virtual environment. I opened a case with Adobe and supplied my transform, they should be able to reproduce the error. Will post here if I find anything out.

  6. Gertjan Jongeneel says:

    @Ben Sounds promising! Please keep us informed of any major breakthroughs. The removal of the desktop shortcut seems indeed to cause the error. See also, including the answer from Adobe.

  7. AJ says:

    This can be fixed by modifying the Transform file and let the Application create shortcut and then remove the shortcut later either manually or by script, reason being Adobe has Dropped the "DC" moniker from the application name and the application is now Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader, no DC in the name and the transform that was created earlier use the "Acrobat Reader DC" reference for the name. The shortcut removal settings in the transform is throwing error due to Name Change.

  8. Ben says:

    Adobe support provided me with updated patches, which apply without error. (Build 20263)


    They will be releasing them publicly sometime next week.

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