Google faces new fine for EU competition violations in 2023

[German]The European Commission (EU)  is planning another antitrust case against Google in 2023. It is again about Google's digital advertising business and the EU competition authorities may impose the fourth fine in the EU amounting to more than one billion euros.  This is reported by Reuters news agency with reference to people familiar with the matter.


Google makes a lot of revenue from advertising, in 2021 it was over $100 billion in annual revenue. That's 80% of the business Google takes in various divisions, including cloud computing. Last year in June, the European Commission had opened a proceeding to investigate Google's adtech business. It was about the suspicion that Google could gain an unfair advantage over competitors and advertisers.

The U.S. company had then tried to settle this case, but probably did not succeed. As Reuters repo here, citing a person involved, the concessions by Google were minor and very preliminary. Now it could be headed for the aforementioned fine. Google has collected more than 8 billion euros ($7.7 billion) in EU antitrust fines over the past decade.

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