Microsoft 365 Basic subscription (without Office and Windows) with 100 GB OneDrive storage for $1.99

[German]On January 30, 2023, Microsoft wants to offer a worldwide subscription for Microsoft 365 Basic at a price of $1.99 (or euros) per month. If you are hoping that the Office apps will be included in the package or that a Windows 10 subscription will be included, you will be disappointed. The nice-sounding name Microsoft 365 Basic only hides a subscription for 100 GB of OneDrive storage.


The subscription was announced on the 10th anniversary of Microsoft 365 (started as a cloud offering under the name Microsoft Office 365) in the German Microsoft news site. Microsoft 365 Basic is touted by Redmond as an "entry-level model", which lies between the free OneDrive storage and the Microsoft

100 GB OneDrive

In addition to 100 GB of cloud storage, and an ad-free and secure email inbox with, the Microsoft 365 Basic subscription still includes access to support for Microsoft 365 and Windows 11. Over the course of 2023, Redmond plans to add advanced security features to Microsoft 365 Basic. These include ransomware recovery and password-protected share links in OneDrive.

2 $/month or 20 $/year

Microsoft 365 Basic will be available globally through this website and through the OneDrive and Outlook apps for 2 euros or $ per month or 20 euros/dollar per year starting January 30, 2023. Existing OneDrive 100GB subscriptions will be automatically upgraded to Microsoft 365 Basic on January 30. While most features will be available globally on Jan. 30, OneDrive's advanced security features for Microsoft 365 Basic subscriptions will follow later this year.

More information on Microsoft 365 Basic is available here. There's also an FAQ there that should answer more questions about this subscription. Microsoft points out that Microsoft 365 can also be used for free with a Microsoft account. However, then only 5 GB of free cloud storage and the free web-based versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, OneDrive, Clipchamp are available.

Microsoft 365 app coming

Microsoft is also set to release its new 365 apps for Android, iOS and Windows. Microsoft's developers have given the Office app a new look, name, and icon. In the process,, the mobile Office app and the Office app for Windows have been integrated into the new Microsoft 365 app. With this app, users can access applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more in one place from any device.


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