Windows Logon hangs on "Other user" because of Citrix Workspace app; FSLogix V2210 bug causes logon hang

Windows[German]Currently a small collective article about problems with Windows and the login in connection with the Citrix Workspace app and FSLogix version 2210. Does the login to Windows hang with the message "Other user"? If so, the Citrix Workspace app may be to blame. There is also a bug in FSLogix version 2210 that also provokes very long lasting Windows logins.


Login hangs at "Other user

Some Windows users suddenly have an "Other User" entry in the login page and don't know how it got there and how to get it gone. There is a German post Windows-Anmeldung zeigt plötzlich "Anderer Benutzer"  within my blog from 2014 that addresses this issue. There is a hint that a program may be responsible for this entry.

Anmeldung hängt bei "Anderer Benutzer"

The above tweet from Dennis Mohrmann came to my attention the other day. Dennis Mohrmann is a Citrix Technology Advocate (CTA), and he describes that the Windows login gets stuck at "Other User". If this occurs and the Citrix Workspace app is installed in Windows, it may be because no system proxy settings are configured. Try entering the following command in an administrative prompt:

netsh winhttp set proxy proxy.domain.local:3128 "*.domain.local;localhost"

This should fix the problem with the missing system proxy setting.


FSLogix 2210: Bug prevents logoff

FSLogix extends and activates user profiles in Windows remote computing environments. FSLogix can also be used to create more portable remote sessions when using physical devices. However, this can also backfire. Via the tweet below from Carl Stalhood, I came across another problem with Windows login.

FSLogix 2210: Bug verhindert Abmeldung

In FSLogix version 2210 there is a bug that prevents Windows logon for up to 20 minutes, while logoff never ends. Microsoft has this Q&A entry about it.

FSLogix 2210 bug

It is regarding FSLogix version 2210.

In case of two of our users have an issue, that when this version FSLogix installed, the logon process takes 20 minutes. After the user finishes his/her work, the log off never finished, and the AVD host must be deallocated, because the session cannot be signed off neither remotely nor from the host itself. It stucked. The user cannot log back anymore.

When I replace the FSLogix with version 2201, the login procedure took only 2 minutes, and the logoff process finished with success.

The "Recycle Bin" feature of FSLogix version 2210 is responsible for these long login times. Disable the RoamRecycleBin setting, or wait for Hotfix 1.

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