BlueSky Invite codes available for my readers

I'm at BlueSky ( and I have some spare invite codes for BlueSky (the X/Twitter alternative at, see also this post) to give away for free to my blog readers. Just leave a comment with a valid email address and why you are interested in the respective form field. I will send the codes in a first in first out order.


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5 Responses to BlueSky Invite codes available for my readers

  1. TamersArchiver says:

    I am interested because I've been trying to leave Twitter (or "X" I guess) for quite some time but couldn't find a good alternative. Bluesky looks like just that but of course it's gated off by invite.

  2. SandroSilvestre says:

    I am interested as well because I want to "live in place" where people care for each other.

  3. Stefano says:

    Hello, I'm interested too ! It's a long road to push down X, but BlueSky could be the way. Thanks

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  5. Scott Pistorino says:

    Hello! If there are invites left i would ilke to take you up on the offer

  6. Wally says:

    Twitter is becoming worse by the day, my For You page is just random tweets of things I'm not interested in at all. BlueSky seems like a great alternative!

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