(AnyStream, CloneDVD etc.) is offline (June 2024)

Stop - Pixabay[German]Brief information, although I don't know exactly how relevant the topic is for the readership of this blog. The provider of programs such as AnyStream, CloneDVD etc.,, has been unavailable online for a few days now. Something happened sometime this week – the website is dead – and the question arises as to whether the plug was pulled for legal reasons? If so, the provider would have suffered the same fate as SlySoft.


A short reader note

A few hours ago, an anonymous reader asked in the blog's discussion area what was going on with "Has anyone noticed anything about RedFox bz (AnyStream, CloneDVD etc. pp) – they have simply been unavailable for a few days without any warning. Was there any major action to take them out of service?" And indeed, their website *ttps:// is no longer accessible. ist nicht mehr erreichbar not reachable

This could of course be for technical reasons, but the operators may have shut down the site for legal reasons.


I hadn't been aware of it myself, but emerged from SlySoft. And that brings us to products such as AnyDVD, AnyStream, CloneDVD etc. AnyDVD is a software for Windows that removes the copy protection mechanisms from video DVDs. This software was developed by a company called SlySoft, which was based in Antigua and Barbuda, as Wikipedia reveals.

Wikipedia reveals that Slysoft discontinued the development and distribution of the program on 24 February 2016 for legal reasons. The company had been in a legal dispute with the license administrator AACS LA for many years. In February 2016, the license administrator submitted a request to the United States Trade Representative (USTR) to place Antigua and Barbuda, where Slysoft is headquartered, on the Copyright Priority Watch List. However, Slysoft did not provide precise reasons for the suspension of activities.


In the spirit of pulling a new rabbit out of the hat, ex-Slysoft employees founded the Belize-based company RedFox to distribute and further develop the software. However, the distribution of AnyDVD by RedFox was discontinued. However, the provider had products such as AnyDVD HD and CloneDVD on offer (see the following screenshot from the search index). im Suchindex

There you can also find out that RedFox is an association of former SlySoft employees who were more or less unemployed after the company was dissolved. With AnyStream, they had an application in their portfolio that could be used to download series, documentaries and films from Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+ for offline viewing. Something that is likely to call the legal advisors of the aforementioned providers into action.

RedFox offline since days

Now a blog reader has pointed out that the website is offline. While doing some research, I found this thread where someone asked three days ago if their servers were offline. "It seems that the Redfox servers have disappeared. No website, no forum, no DNS anymore. Nothing," the poster wrote. Other posters wrote that something "unexpected" must have happened, as the forums were still active last month and he was providing support for questions there. bei tucows

Technical problems don't seem to be the reason why they disappeared from the web. There is this post on that addresses the issue of where the name servers are registered. The site is listed at and is said to be registered at with an expiration date of February 2025. The name servers listed at (Whois also lists them) refer to the provider NJALLA, where the domain can allegedly be transferred for 30 euros. transferable

So it looks as if business has ceased there. I have not found any indication of a seizure in a brief search. On you can find some background information on RedFox, which expands on the history outlined above. A reason why RedFox is offline is not mentioned there either.

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7 Responses to (AnyStream, CloneDVD etc.) is offline (June 2024)

  1. Shon R. Edwards says:

    Ich auch möchte wissen, was geschehen ist, ich habe alle Produkte von Redfox gekauft! Vielleicht wäre DVDFab u. StreamFab besser gewesen sein.

    • Les Green says:

      You could try the 2 "Fab" products that you list, but from personal experience I would say don't waste your money.

    • DasAoD says:

      Wobei sich die Frage stellt, ob ein Screenrecorder wirklich ne Alternative darstellt, zu einem Direktdownloader.
      Zudem wird bei beiden NETFLIX recodet, da auch hier nur 540p verfügbar ist.

    • guenni says:

      please note, this is the English version of my blog. There is a German edition of this blog Post as well. thx

  2. Jeorje says:

    I suspected something was going on when I last updated my AnyStream and noticed that they had an offline DB available for AnyDVD SetupAnyDVDProtectionDatabase1.0a.exe 05-30-2024, which I quickly downloaded

  3. Ocked says:

    @ Jeorje Yes, is it possible to, please, share the AnyDVD Protection Database?
    I still have my lifetime license version installed, but the database would be invaluable.

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