Update fixes Windows 8.1 WinHlp32 problem (KB917607)

In Windows 7, 8, 8.1 older .HLP files are not nupported. Since November 2014 patchday also the solution provided by KB917607 doesn't work anymore. Now Microsoft finally has released a revised KB917607 to fix this problem.


I've adressed the HLP file issue within my Blog article Windows 8.1: WinHelp32.exe issue after December Patchday?. Since November 2014 patchday KB917607 doesn't work anymore. I provided a workaround, but now we have a final fix. Microsoft has released a revised  KB917607 package (Windows8.1-KB917607-x64.msu), that is compatible with November 2014 kernel patches. Here are the download links.

Update für Windows 8.1 (KB917607)
Update for Windows 8.1 für x64 Systeme (KB917607) (broken)

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3 Responses to Update fixes Windows 8.1 WinHlp32 problem (KB917607)

  1. Kimmo says:

    10 points!! This update fixed the WinHlp32 issue in my Win8.1 64-bit system at once. Thanks a lot!

  2. Andrew Zolnai says:

    Unfortunately this still give an error like n/a for this computer. Suggestions?

    • guenni says:

      Andrew: Unfortunately I haven't a suggestion. It seems, that a recent security update acts again as a show killer.

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