Is EaseUS Partition Master 10.5 a Windows10 upgrade killer?

Within this blog post I will have a look at the question "should I use EaseUS Partition Manager" to repartition my Windows system. Although the free tool is a first choice for many home users, I stumbled upon a risk for Windows 10 upgrade.


Just look back on a brief history: Some users are facing upgrade Windows 10 problems – setup stalls and reports "Couldn't Update System Reserved Partition". You get this error if the System Reserved partition is too small. The System Reserved partition needs to be at least 300 to 450 MBs. A common recommendation is "use EasyUS Partition Master" to expand this System Reserved partition to this recommended size. But EaseUS Partition Master 10.5 comes with some risks.

I mentioned within my blog post, this MS Answers thread Windows update error 80007003 when upgrading to Windows 10. User anavinraj mentioned, that "EaseUS Partition Manager" was the reason, why he was facing error 80007003.

Issue was that I bought laptop with preinstalled Windows 8 which later updated to 8.1

I actually re partitioned hard drive using EaseUs partition manager which actually messed up my Image Recovery partition , due to which I could not even reset or refresh or create recovery drive.

I found a solution which actually worked for me

check your partition using diskpart and see if this works for you, hope some of you might find this helpful :)

A reader of my German blog commented on my blog post Windows 10: Update-/Upgrade-Error 80007003 about the root cause for his Upgrade fail. In his case it was also a EaseUS Partition Manager.

The problem: It seems that EaseUS Partition Master 10.5 is changing the partition IDs of System Reserve partitions to OEM partition IDs on UEFI systems with GPT disks. In this case Windows 10 setup can't read the disk footprint properly and stalls to upgrade. User genet was discussing this case within this forum post. He posted the disk layout in Windows 8.1 before and after repartition with EaseUS Partition Master 10.5. And he provides a fix using Windows tools. So, be careful, which tool you use to re-partition your hard disks or SSDs. Feedback and comments are welcome.

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5 Responses to Is EaseUS Partition Master 10.5 a Windows10 upgrade killer?

  1. Pablo Karpo says:

    Thank you very much! You really help me out! I have been looking for the fix since the release date of Windows 10.

  2. Sairam says:

    I also faced the same issue, was not able to upgrade from Win 8.1 64-bit to Win 10. Earlier I had used EaseUS to partition my disc and it created two OEM partitions! Followed the helpful instructions in WindowsEight Forum and changed both to Recovery and now Windows 10 easily upgraded. Member genet and philbyk posts were extremely helpful! Thanks All.

  3. Henk says:

    As we use to say in the Netherland, this is "the egg of Columbus" (Eureka).
    I faced the same problems with the Windows 10 upgrade due to the fact I also partioned my harddrive with EaseUS PM.
    The solution from 'genet' in the link you provided, worked very well for me also.
    I did a post om the Dutch Microsoft-forum regarding this error (80070003) in wich I linked to this blogpost and to the forumpost of 'genet' and already more people were helped with the solution provided.
    Many thanks to all of you!

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  5. PSR says:

    I have no partitions. I just simply updated to windows10 when offered. There were no issues other wise.

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