Lawsuits against Microsoft after forced Windows 10 upgrades

Microsoft is facing to additional lawsuits seeking class-actions status, after the aggressive Windows 10 upgrade campaign. The Windows company is sued in Florida and Israel.


Well, just two days and the "Rat race" is over (the free Windows 10 upgrade ends July 29, 2016. Then hopefully the aggressive campaign forcing users of Windows 7 SP1 and Windows 8.1 tricks users to Windows 10 will end. This forced upgrades are criticized  world wide – and some lawsuits are filed against Microsoft. A few weeks ago, a woman successfully sued Microsoft in California, and won $10,000 from the company after an automatic Windows 10 installation failed.

Now an article in Seattle Times has two additional cases. Microsoft has been sued last Friday in U.S. District Court in Florida from three men.  They filed a plaintiff against the company, claiming Microsoft's Windows 10 update prompts violated laws governing unsolicited electronic advertisements, as well as Federal Trade Commission prohibitions on deceptive and unfair practices. 

In a second plaintiff Microsoft has also been sued last month in district court of Haifa, Israel. That suit, also seeking class-action status, alleges Windows 10 installed on Windows users' computers without their consent. That's a violation of Israeli computer law.

Microsoft believes in a statement, that the plaintiffs' claims are without merit and the company expresses its confidence, that they will be successful in court. We will see, how the courts will decide.

(Source: Microsoft)


The company has been widespread criticized over its approach to force users of Windows 7/8.1 to upgrade to Windows 10. Many people accusing Microsoft of making the process of declining that offer needlessly difficult and confusing. Richard Chosid, the lawyer who filed the Florida lawsuit, said in an interview, that Windows 10 has been pushed to the clients computer without their consent. "Microsoft's marketing scheme falls short of certain protections which must be afforded" – and it's claimed that the damages owed to consumers who have struggled with the new software may total tens of millions of dollars (via)

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