Updates KB3176934,KB3176935 and KB3176936 for Windows 10 Anniversary Update

[German]Microsoft has released cumulative Update KB3176934 for Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Also Updates KB3176935 and KB3176936 are available. Here are a few details.


Update KB3176934 for Windows 10 Version 1607

Update KB3176934 (Cumulative update for Windows 10 Version 1607: August 23, 2016) has been released alread for Windows Insiders (see Windows 10 Build 14393.82 re-released). Microsoft has postet the following changelog in Windows 10 Version 1607 Update-History.

  • Improved reliability of Network Controller, DNS server, gateways, Storage Spaces Direct, Group Managed Service Accounts, remote procedure calls (RPC), PowerShell, Internet Explorer 11, printer pairing and interoperability, the Windows kernel, Media Core, Windows Store, Connected Standby, Cluster Health service, the Hypervisor debugger and platform, and Active Directory.
  • Improved performance of Storage Spaces Direct with many nodes or disks, scrolling lists on Xbox One, DHCP address acquisition, Active Directory queries, and Cluster Health service.
  • Addressed issue that prevents external media from playing on Xbox One using Cast to Device.
  • Addressed issue with Mouse events not working correctly in Internet Explorer 11.
  • Addressed issue with the rendering and resizing of nested tables in Internet Explorer 11.
  • Addressed issue with the UI layout not updating correctly in Internet Explorer 11 quirks mode.
  • Addressed issue that was causing nodes to be disconnected from a Cluster service intermittently.
  • Addressed issue with the 3G and 4G options not appearing correctly in Windows 10 Mobile settings.
  • Addressed additional issues with mobile device management (MDM) enrollment for an Azure Active Directory tenant, software compatibility, rendering of Yu Gothic fonts, Cortana, slow connections to cluster shares, Xbox One unable to launch the Netflix app using the DIAL protocol, Xbox One volume and music playback, all video stops while audio plays in a TV app, incorrect scaling of Internet Explorer 11 first-run dialog, driver setup, Windows Update for Business, apps failing to install after resetting device, boot failure with Hyper-V and BitLocker enabled, Cache Manager, Cluster Health service, inability to change roles and features on a locked device, disk-to-enclosure mappings not working, PowerShell, missing lock screen image, fitness tracker not recognized as a mass storage device, synchronization not working between Intune and Azure Active Directory (AAD), Skype calls over Wi-Fi, streaming playback using progressive download, unable to cancel download from Windows, extensions for Microsoft Edge, incorrect lock screen UI after resuming from hibernate and sleep, and blocked installation of game bundles from the Windows Store.

In my view it's confusing to mix Windows 10 and Windows 10 mobile change logs. What I'm missing is a fix for the printing bug (Update KB3186987 for Windows 10 fixes printing issue). Update KB3176934 changes Windows 10 build to 14393.82 and has a size for a fresh installe Windows 10 Version 1607 of 144 MB (32 bit) or 263 MB (64 bit). If cumulative updates has been installed, the size will be reduced.

The fix for the Hyper-V-Bitlocker-Boot issue

It seems that the obove update fixes the boot issue caused by Hyper-V/Bitlocker/DeviceGuard (see my blog post Windows 10 V1607: Hyper-V/Bitlocker/DeviceGuard as upgrade stopper). Error 0xc0210000 should not be dropped after installing this update (see Technet discussion). But TPM backup in an Active Directory isn't working anymore, because the group policy is missing.

Update KB3176935 for Windows 10 V 1607

Update KB3176935 (Compatibility update for upgrading to and recovering Windows 10 Version 1607: August 23, 2016) tries to increase stability and reliability during recovery.


Update KB3176936 for Windows 10 V 1607

KB3176936 (Servicing stack update for Windows 10 Version 1607: August 23, 2016) improves the stability of Windows 10 Version 1607 Servicing Stack.

Warning for Linux-Users

Be careful on dual boot systems with Linux. One of my German blog readers informed me, that thouse updates failed during install and a rollback will occur, if Grub bootloader is found. To save the original boot loader, restore Windows bootloader (or use bootrec.exe /fixmbr and bootrec.exe /fixboot in Windows RE – see KB927392), install the update and restore/repair the old Grub boot loader.

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2 Responses to Updates KB3176934,KB3176935 and KB3176936 for Windows 10 Anniversary Update

  1. Veeran Matmari says:

    This is one of the worst microsoft updates , I have ever seen…
    After the anniversary updates and more prominently, the (Update KB3176936 for Windows 10 V 1607), this has screwed my computer seriously.

    My windows 10 computer just hangs and does nothing else…., mouse becomes useless, the machine freezes and the only option to get out of these, is to restart the machine….

    And the most important part is that am not able to uninstall the update,
    Microsoft, please do something …..

  2. Frank M. says:

    Yes this screwed up my computer too. Everything working fine the day before now I have a video program that is no longer loading and playing videos even though I have the codecs installed. Trying to fix now. Thanks again Microsoft, Mac next time for sure.

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