Windows 10: Update error 0x8024a112

[German]Sometimes Windows 10 refuse a restart during installing an update or a feature upgrade. Instead an error 0x8024a112 will be shown within the settings app. Here are a few details how to solve this issue.


I got this error during Update install

I was facing this error recently during installing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 15058. After selecting the button Restart now within the Windows Update Settings page I received an error 0x8024a112 and a restart was refused.

I got also a message 'We're having trouble restarting to finish the install. Try again in a little while. If you keep seeing this, try searching the web or contacting support for help. This error code might help: (0x8024a112)'

Needless to say, that it didn't help to try it again 'in a little while'. Also my blog post Windows: How to decode update 0x8024…. errors wasn't too helpful, because the error code 0x8024a112 wasn't documented in the sources I had access to.

The pattern 0x8024axxx merely states that the cause of the error refers to the Automatic Update function of Windows 10, which ran on an error. However, pattern 112 did not make sense because it stands for DISK_FULL – and that did not apply.


My solution to fix update error 0x8024a112

Because Windows Update refuses to restart Windows I opened start menu, select On/off and the Restart in sub menu. This forced Windows 10 to shutdown successfully and reboot afterward.

This is a helpful approach, as hanging processes can be killed with such a restart. if that doesn't help, you can initiate the Windows restart with holding down also the Shift key. Then Windows boot into the safe mode and you can reboot. This restarts the kernel.

But that wasn't necessary. After login I went back to Windows Update in Settings app and tried to initiate a restart again. This time I was successful. I guess, that a service has been terminated or another update was waiting for restart and has blocked the restart feature. I've seen also cases, where another user already logged in, has caused this issue.

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14 Responses to Windows 10: Update error 0x8024a112

  1. sidhanth says:


    Even i'm also facing same issue.After reading your blog i have done same process but it is not restarting or shutdowing.How can i solve this issue

  2. Adam Garrison says:

    Would be great (yeah, as if) if Windows would actually tell you the NAME of the application on that page that pops up occasionally – "this application is preventing Windows from shutting down" – instead of just showing the exe's icon, which is usually just a generic non-icon because the exe doesn't have one. Then maybe we'd know what to look for when Windows FAILS to shut down.

  3. Car says:

    Update and Restart from Shut down… should be choosen. As simple as that.

    • dneiofsu says:

      This is the most unhelpful comment on this page. Congratulations.

      • Rup says:

        Well – here, exactly this (Update and Restart from the Shutdown menu) was exactly what did the trick. Thanks to Car!

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  5. Grumpy Codger says:

    I had the same message 'We're having trouble restarting to finish the install. Try again in a little while. If you keep seeing this, try searching the web or contacting support for help. This error code might help: (0x8024a112)' .
    Followed your procedure, when I clicked restart I got someone else is still signed in they may loose………….you know the one, so I signed out my wife's account went back to update settings and clicked the restart button there, worked perfectly.

  6. Tanosky says:

    I also was not able to shut down via start menu.
    opening a command prompt and using shutdown /r worked.
    i guess it was because another user was logged in.

  7. Vojta Rybka says:

    Dobrý den, mám problém s tím ,že se mi nechce aktualizovat ani restartovat notebook a když když kliknu na tlačítko Aktualizovat a vypnout nebo Aktualizovat a Vypnout tak se nic neděje funguje jen tlačítko režim spánku a mám windows 10. Předem děkuji.

    Translated: I have a problem with the fact that I do not want to update or restart my notebook and every time I click on the Update and return to the Update and return to the Update and Rescue tab, nothing else works like that and I have windows 10. Before the day.

    • guenni says:

      Please post in English. What I propose: Save your data, create an install media and try a repair install.

  8. Rishi Bharadwaj says:

    Thank you so much. Opening the Command Prompt and typing the command helped.

  9. JH says:

    Hi. It helped when I clicked restart myself. Thank You

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