Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Tear down

Samsung starts shipping the Galaxy S8 Plus smartphone a few days ago. Now folks at bavarian smartphone repair service Smart Repair has disassembled such a device and documented it within a video.


Dennis Maier from Smart Repair had a hard time to disassemble the Galaxy S8 Plus. The back cover can be clipped off easily, and there are a few screws, that may be removed with a screw driver. But then Maier reached the end. To dismantle the back cover Maier used a special CPB heater, to warm the device for 30 minutes to 80 degree Celsius. After this procedure, the adhesive hold the back cover was warm enough to remove.

The folks a Smart Repair warns inexperienced users to disassemble the device without special tools – a destruction of several parts will be the result. Also the battery can't be removed easily, because its fixed with adhesive clue to the body.

A YouTube video shows a time compressed version (4 minutes) of the tear down. Overall the ability to repair a Galaxy S8 Plus is low. iFixit has given a repair index of 3 (of possible 10) to the older Galaxy S7. The Galaxy S8 Plus might be also receive a repair index of 2 or 3 (from 10). (via German

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