Surface Pro 4 Refresh aka ‘Surface Pro’: First leaks

[German]Microsoft will show next week a refreshed Surface Pro 4 in Shanghai (China) – first images are leaked. 


An event and a name

Microsoft holds next week (May 23, 2017), an Event ‘what’s next’ (Hash-Tag #MicrosoftEvent) in Shanghai (China) – see New #MicrosoftEvent on May 23, 2017 in Shanghai. Because Microsoft’s Panos Panay, responsible for Surfaces, attends, the event will have something to do with this machines. A Surface Pro 5 won’t be presented, @evleaks tweetet it’s a refreshed Surface Pro 4 with Windows 10 called ‘Surface Pro’.

First images

Venturebeat has an article showing the first images of this new machine. The image above is the first, below is the back of the Surface Pro.

Surface Pro Rückseite
(Source: Venturebeats)

There are optional accessories like a pen and a keyboard — will be available in four colors. Below is a side view of the new Surface Pro.


Surface Pro (Neu) - Seite

(Source: Venturebeats)

More images may be found at Venturebeats.

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