Firefox 57.0.1 released

Mozilla[German]The Mozilla foundation has released Firefox version 57 – aka Firefox Quantum – mid of November 2017. Now they are providing a bug fix and security update, shifting the browser to version 57.0.1.


Blog reader Leon informed me by mail (thanks for this). I’m using Firefox portable on my machine and let this browser check for updates. The new version has been offered to me.

Update to Firefox 57.0.1

The update was possible without any problems. The changelog mentions the following topics as fixed or changed:

  • Fix a video color distortion issue on YouTube and other video sites with some AMD devices (bug 1417442)
  • Fix an issue with prefs.js when the profile path has non-ascii characters (bug 1420427)
  • Various security fixes
  • Google map crashes on OSX with Intel HD Graphics 3000
  • Block injection of a client library associated with the RealPlayer Free player which is known to cause performance problems in Firefox. (Bug 1418535)

Due to the security fixes, the browser should be updated to version 57.0.1. The browser can be used for different platforms and may be downloaded from the Firefox Home Page. (via)


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