Java SE Version 8 Update 161

[German]Oracle has Java SE 8 version 161 on January 16, 2018. This is a maintenance update that fixes several issues within Java Run Time Environment.


Although the new version has been on January 16, 2018, the Java-Updater on my Windows 7 machine alerted me two days ago.

JAVA Updater - JAVA SE 8U161

A liste of bug fixes may be found here, further details may be found within the release notes. The downloads may be obtained on this Oracle site. Oracle has also released Java 8 Update 162.

Just an additional note: If you are asking about the difference between the Java version. Version 161 is the variant that contains all security updates. Version 162 is a variant with all the security updates and some enhancements needed by different users/developers.

Attention: If you use the JAVA-Updater or the online installer, make sure that no adware is installed. I therefore rely on the offline installers.

If you don't need JAVA under Windows, you should uninstall the runtime environment from the Windows Control Panel. If you use JAVA, disable the JAVA plugin in your browser.

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