Windows 10 on ARM: Microsoft released details and pulled it

[German]Microsoft has released some details about the limitations of Windows 10 on ARM last weekend. But a few hours later, the documents on the web that refer to the limitations of Windows 10 on ARM has been reworked, and relevant passages are deleted. Apparently this information published on Saturday should not be made public in this way. Fortunately, the details are known.


In the coming months we will be able to buy devices with Windows 10 on ARM. Microsoft has listed the restrictions for apps on this platform for a short time of a few hours. Here are the details:

  • Only ARM64 drivers are supported. An emulation of drivers is not possible
  • Windows 10 on ARM does not support emulation of x64 apps
  • Games and apps that requires OpenGL above version 1.1 won’t work
  • Apps like input method editors (IMEs), assistive technologies, and cloud storage app with customized Win experience won’t work
  • Apps using only the mobile based api won’t work
  • Windows Hypervisor Platform is not supported on ARM

A lot of restrictions so far. The following screenshot of the original Microsoft page shows the full text.

Windows 10 on ARM limitations
(Click to enlarge)

The table below gives an overview of features supported at Windows 10 on ARM.

Windows 10 on ARM-Kompatibilitätsliste


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