How to block notifications in Google Chrome

[German]Today a short tip for users of Google Chrome (and probably also for its clones). How can you stop the annoying popups asking you, if you want to receive notifications that websites offer when you first visit them?


Visiting a web site the first time, maybe a popup like it is shown below (I'm using a German Chrome browser) will be shown. Google describes here, how web site owners can add this functionality.

Chrome Benachrichtigungen anzeigen-Popup

You have to click Allow or Block, which is annoying to many users. But it's possible to disable this annoying popup notifications. Google has documented it here. The shorter version: Just type:


into the URL text box of your browser to go to the settings page shown below. Then turn off Ask before sending and leave the settings.


Chrome-Einstellungen 'Benachrichtigen'

Clicking the 3 dots opens a menu with commands to delete or alter such a site specific entry.

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