Windows 10: Update Error 0x80070157

[German]Users of Windows 10 get sometimes an update error 0x80070157 when trying to install cumulative updates. Here is an attempt to shed some light on this error.


An error description

The error has been occurring for several months in various Windows 10 builds and with various updates. Here is a forum post from April 2018.

Windows 10 Update – Error code 0X 80070157

I have been trying to install the Windows Update for Windows 10 (feature update for Windows 10, version 1709) for some time, unfortunately the error code 0X 80070157 is displayed again and again from a certain time of installation.

I have already tried to fix a problem, unfortunately without success.

More locations can be found on the Internet (e.g. here), if you search for the error code.

What does error code 0x80070157 stands for?

Error code 0x80070157 stands for Error_External_Backing_Provider_Unknown – The external backing provider is not recognized, which doesn't help too much at this point. I would interpret it as if a provider (function) for backing up a driver (so that it can be rolled back to the previous version) is not available.

Within this Technet forum entry the error appears in a log file, and here the error occurs during driver installation. However, no solution is given.

There is the error 0x80070057 (see), which I would not use as a basis, even if the coding of the bits is very similar.

Foreign virus scanner as troublemaker

An incompatible virus scanner can block the update installation. In this Microsoft Answers forum thread, there is a hint that disabling Windows Defender and the third-party virus scanner fixed the installation error. 


Check Windows for damage

Under Windows 10, there is always the situation that certain functions no longer work because the system is damaged. To avoid this scenario as an installation error, it is recommended to run the checks from the Check and repair Windows system files and component store blog post. These also apply to Windows 10 and ensure that Windows is intact.

Broken update from Microsoft

Browsing through the forum posts in Microsoft Answers, I suspect that certain cumulative updates from Microsoft are simply broken. I recommend that you search for the KB article in connection with the error code. If there are several hits, I would block the update installation (How to block Windows 10 updates).

Driver error as cause

In this forum post, faulty drivers are given as the cause for the error image. A camera driver did not work there because Intel drivers interfered.

Clean Install of an installation image

I found this thread in the Lenovo forum. Several device owners had this error. There the advice was given to take a Lenovo installation image and restart Windows 10. Then the updates went through. Away from Lenovo devices, you can use the Media Creation tool to download and then install an installation image.

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