Java SE Version 8 Update 171/172 released

Oracle released the update for Java SE 8 to version 171 (and 172) on April 17, 2018. The update to version 171/172 is a security update that closes security holes (see also Oracle Security Advisory April 2018).


Strangely, my JAVA updater did not display this update automatically. After I started the updater and let it check for updates, a pending update was reported and has been installed successfully.


After successful installation, the dialog box shown below was opened, indicating upcoming changes. Here is the link to the relevant page with the release notes – from the end of 2020 Java 8 will no longer be updated. This Oracle page lists the End of Life data for updates to the various Java versions.


You can download the various Java packages from this Oracle website. The bug fixes for Java 8 version 171 are available here, while the information for Java 8 version 172 can be viewed here.


Attention: If you are using the JAVA-Updater or the online installer, make sure that no Adware is installed. So I'm using the offline installers.

Supplementary notes

If you ask about the difference between Java 8 version 171 and 172 appears: Version 171 is the variant that contains all security updates. Version 172 is a variant with all security updates and some additions that different users/developers need.

If you do not need JAVA under Windows, you should uninstall the runtime environment via the Windows control panel. And how to deactivate the JAVA plugin in the browser is described in the German blog post Java im Browser deaktivieren.

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