Adduplex: Windows 10 Version 1709 reaches 92% share

[German]Adduplex has released a new report detailling the the shares of individual Windows 10 versions on Windows 10 systems with astonishing findings.


Within the AdDuplex report for April 2018 for the Windows 10 distribution you can find the following diagram with the Windows 10 parts.

Adduplex Windows 10-Verteilung 4.2018
(Adduplex Windows 10 shares 4.2018, Source: Adduplex)

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (version 1709) runs on 92% of all Windows 10 systems. This is the highest percentage ever reached by a Windows 10 version. In the previous month, the share of Windows 10 V1709 was still 90.4 %. Let's see how the Windows 10 April update expected in May 2018 will prevail.

The remaining Windows 10 versions are all in the low single-digit percentage range. Microsoft has the fragmentation under control with Windows 10 quite well and reaches quasi numbers like Apple with iOS devices.

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