Windows 10 April Update: Bugs and Issues

[German]Microsoft is distribution Windows 10 Version 1803 (April Update) as a feature update since April 30, 2018. Now it's time to reflect the issues, people observing after installing this feature update.


Preliminary remarks: Rollout per AI on suitable computers

The upgrade of a test machine (Medion Akoya P2214T) from Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (V1709) to version 1803 worked here without problems. It just took quite a while. However, some people seem to run into minor or major issues with this update.

Windows 10 Version 1803 feature update

Many observers were surprised that Microsoft is already rolling out the feature update to Windows 10 version 1803 via Windows Update, contrary to the original announcement (see Windows 10 April Update available (April 30, 2018)), and not to 8 May 2018. Martin Geuß, a German colleague wrote, that Microsoft is using Artificial Intelligence to control the rollout of the Windows 10 April Update. This simplifies the job, to identify incompatible machines with which there could be problems. This probably leads to Surface Books not having been offered an update yet (if my observations are correct).

The OEM partitions bug

Some users are annoyed after the upgrade, that Windows 10 V1803 has suddenly created new OEM/recovery partitions. Because a drive letter has been assigned to them, Windows is constantly annoying with notifications that the drive is full. I had published details and a fix within the blog article Windows 10 V1803 update creates a new OEM Partition.

Faulty battery driver, constant notifications

After publishing my article about the OEM partition problem I got a feedback on Google+:


You think that's bad? One of the drivers for my laptop's battery are missing, so the battery icon is no longer on the task bar and the battery has had the same message ever since yesterday whether it's plugged in or not: '51%, plugged in, not charging'.

Lost settings, lost files

It happened to me on the test machine that, for example, color settings for windows on the desktop disappeared and were replaced with default values. I have read similar experiences in the comments to my German article and on the Internet.

Some users mention, that the fast boot has been re-activated (seems to be the case after each upgrade). Others wrote, that all RSAT connections has gone or that Wi-Fi connection settings are lost. One reader has to reactivate Office.

It is normal that the update history is cleared during the upgrade (noted in some comments within my German blog). What Microsoft primarily describes as a 'function update' is an upgrade in which almost everything is exchanged. And the settings should be taken over, but this does not always work.

I also read on the Internet about cases where user files had disappeared. But these can be individual cases, with earlier updates there were similar messages – in the stupidest case the people are logged in with a temporary profile.

Explorer bug: file enumerations

Within my German blog I got feeback, that enumerating a folder's content in explorer just returns wrong data. A 2TB-HD contains e.g. real 43.048 files, 4.123 files and occupies 735 GB. Listing the folder properties in Windows 1803 will display: 4,104 files, 2,113 folders an a size of 98.9 GB. Only if the user go to the folder, select all files (and subfolders) with CTRL+A, then the properties are calculated correctly (in this case).

Microcode updates are missing

Up to Windows 10 Version 1709 Microsoft has relesed microcode updates to mitigate Spectre/Meltdown for several machines. German blog reader Jürgen Hofmeister mentioned:

After the upgrade to 1803 all old updates were deleted.
Thus also the M$ microcodes of the old 1709.
Now the Spectre vulnerability is open again unprotected with the various display tools such as Ashampoo etc. A single patchwork rug of these microcodes.

Other users have already noticed the whole thing, the update KB4090007 cannot be installed. We have to wait for patchday (May 8, 2018).

Feedback frequency cannot be changed

What is quite unpleasant – obviously a bug: Users cannot change the feedback frequency of the Windows 10 April Update any more. If you go to Settings – Privacy and select Diagnostics and Feedback, the feedback frequency is set to automatic. The options cannot be changed; a red message appears indicating that these functions are managed by the Windows Insider program.

Server Essentials Connector fails

I found on German site this post. In a corporate environment (apparently no WSUS), two clients have already been automatically updated to Windows 10 version 1803. Since then, the Server Essentials Connector no longer works. Can anyone else confirm that. There are more discussions about issues with Essentials from Susan Bradley here.

Enable camera and microphone per app

It's not a bug, it's a feature. For each app, you now need to decide whether the microphone and camera may be used. Actually a meaningful thing – if one knows the cause. Opens the Settings app and goes to the Privacy icon.

Kamera zulassen

Select the entries for camera and microphone in the left column. The enable the access in the right pane and change the app based settings to allow access to camera/microphone.

Browser issues with Firefox and Google Chrome

Windows 10 April Update is causing serious issues in Firefox and Google Chrome. Firefox requires updating to version 59.0.3 to fix a JavaScript bug in Windows 10 April Update. I had posted details in the blog post Firefox 59.0.3 – Compatibility update for Windows 10 V1803.

Firefox-Bug in Windows 10 V1803

Google Chrome browser seems to freeze constantly under Windows 10 April Update. At least I take notice from this article. On there is already this thread about chrome freezes. There are also reports about freezes with other software. This article addresses a workaround – Microsoft investigates this bug.

Group policies and Cortana search

Disabling Cortana search on the Internet has been changed in Windows 10 version 1803. Previous registry entries or group policies for Cortana are invalid (see this thread). German site has published an article, naming new registry entries to disable Cortana search again – it's annoying.

In my blog post Windows 10 V1803: Removed features, planned replacements I mentioned some removed features. Software Restriction Policy will no more developed.

Some more issues

German comment reported, that the network has been interrupted during update install – a 2nd user confirms that. Other users commenting within my German blog post, that their network connections to shares are cyclically lost. Also homegroup has been removed, but some parts are still left in Windows 10 Version 1803.

I read some reports about install erros and blue screens. But it's single incidents, the blog's wiki and search contains several articles how to diagnose the cause of such errors.

PowerShell ISE-Error

At there is this thread, dealing with a broken PowerShell ISE. Intellisene is broken. It has also been mentioned in comments within my blog. MS Power User reports a a lagging mouse. Woody Leonhard has published a Computer World report with more issues. If you have issues, please leave a comment.

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9 Responses to Windows 10 April Update: Bugs and Issues

  1. Phillip LeMasters says:

    I have been blocking Store access through a GPO for years and it is no longer working. They also STILL did not fix setting lock screen images through GPO as it's still not working.

  2. Phillip LeMasters says:

    Ehhhh was on a Win10 pro machine when trying the store. Can't block the store on Win10 Pro. Used to be able to but not as of a few builds ago.

  3. Rob Nicholson says:

    So far, I've observed four problems with this update:

    1. Google Drive has lost its settings and you have to login again – not a showstopper
    2. Printing slow/pauses with my Epson Stylus SX440 connected via Wi-Fi – okay from my laptop so not a network/printer issue – annoying
    3. My main client's SharePoint site has lost it's theme and reset back to white – that will really annoy! Repeated on my PC and a test virtual machine. Will have to report this one!
    4. The new reveal highlighting doesn't work with some 3rd party theme – annoying

    The single biggest deficiency I hoped to see fixed was the inability to print modern SharePoint pages using Edge. But nope – Microsoft are forcing my clients to use Chrome because they can't print wiki articles. Amazing…

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  5. nathan hoyt says:

    After updating to 1803 I could no longer adjust screen brightness, the cscreen saver no longer worked properly and the sleep mode would not function properly. I rolled back to thw Fall 2017 creator's update and everything went back to normal. I'm not sure when I should try 1803 again.

    • guenni says:

      Screen brightness is provided from graphics driver. I read several times about that issue – you have to wait until a proper driver is available.

  6. Denis says:

    Hello all,

    About the Essentials Connector not running with Win 10 1803.

    The problem seems to be solved with KB4103721 for Win10 1803.

    Install it on Win 10 prior to run the Essentials connector.

    Hope this helps.

  7. C9Z says:

    Thank you for pointing those bugs out! I have the file enumerations bug on my laptop as well, and I've posted my questions on many forums, but none of them addressed the issue. I even doubted if there's anything wrong with my hard drive, until I read your post, oh my, thank you so much.
    So, currently is there any way to resolve this bug, or we have to wait for Microsoft's update? Also, have you reported this bug to Microsoft officially?

  8. Michael says:

    I have a anysee e30 tv tuner that now no longer want to start, so i got back to the
    Fall 2017 creator's update.

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