Older Windows 10 versions are prompting for an Upgrade

[German]If you are currently still using older Windows 10 builds like Windows 10 Creators Update (version 1703) from spring 2017, you will be asked to upgrade to a newer Windows 10 build.


The background is that Microsoft only provides 18 months of support for a Windows 10 build. Since version 1703 was released in April 2017, support with security updates will expire in October 2018. When you access the app from the Microsoft Store, the following screen appears. Here is my German store with the upgrade prompt.

Upgrade notification from store for Windows 10 V1703

Note how elegantly Microsoft displayed this upgrade offer. The Microsoft Store has a German user interface. The ‘discreet hint’ to the update appears in English. Let me put it this way: We were really lucky that Bill Gates is not Thai or Chinese …

This means that Windows 10 V1703 is to be updated to the current version of Windows 10 by October 9, 2018. Who waits up to this date, could possibly get the Windows 10 V1809 – but is speculation.

When the user clicks on the Update your PC by October 9, 2018, the Edge browser opens and displays the a web page (see below).

Upgrade notification


Bleeping Computer writes here, that all older Windows 10 builds will show this notification – but I haven’t tested this.


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  1. Radek R. says:

    My fully updated (1709) Windows 10 Mobile phone also showed it yesterday, but it’s not there anymore :).

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