Operating system shares on the desktop end of July 2018

[German]July 2018 is over, and it’s time to look at the figures for operating system distribution on the desktop and especially for Windows on early August 2018.


Operating system shares on the desktop

Looking at the latest figures from netmarketshare.com (until the end of July 2018), Windows still runs on 88.43% (previous month 88.19%) of desktop systems. Mac OS comes to 9.01% (previous month 9.40%), while Linux runs on 1.92% (previous month 1.88%) of the system. Chrome OS is represented with 0.28% (previous month 0.29%). These are statistical fluctuations between the months.

Operating System Market Share 8.2018
(Source: Netmarketshare.com)

More details may be found using the operating system share on desktop shown below.

operating system share on desktop end of July 2018
(Source: Netmarketshare.com)

Windows 7 has a ‘market share’ of 42.95% (previous month 43.03%) on the desktop, while Windows 10 is 32.98% (previous month 34.92%). Windows 8.1 is 5.59% and Windows XP is 5.23% (previous month 4.36%). There is not really much going on – I would dismiss the figures for the previous month as statistical fluctuations.


If Microsoft put a lot of effort into Marketing, Windows 10 could overtake Windows 7 at end of this year. Of course you can also ask another statistician who promises a better oracle of numbers.

Betriebssystemanteile Desktop Ende Juli 2018

(Source: Statcounter.com)

The above graphic shows the numbers of statcounter for the desktop. There, Windows 10 has long been ahead of Windows 7, reaching 47.25% (previous month 47.21%), while Windows 7 still reaches 39.06% (previous month 39.44%).

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