Skype Classic v7.x client; End of life extended …

Skype[German]Microsoft now doesn't want to discontinue the classic Skype v7.x client. The Redmond based company granted a grace period to Skype v7.x client, in which the respective service will be continued.


Microsoft already announcded the end of Skype v7.x

On July 16, 2018 I had reported in the blog post Skype 8.0 released, version 7.x will be shut off, version 7.x will expire from September 1, 2018 on. Users shall use the newly released Skype 8.0 client. Microsoft has clearly announced that the old version 7.x of the Skype client will soon be discontinued. Microsoft told us, to switch off the required services at some point.

Skype 7.x End of life extended

As I just read on, Microsoft is pulling its shutdown decision of Skye 7.x. Brad Sams noticed this. Microsoft received in its Skype support forum a huge negative feedback on the plans to discontinue the classic Skype 7.x client. Now Microsoft has added the following text:


Based on customer feedback, we are extending support for Skype 7 (Skype classic) for some time. Our customers can continue to use Skype classic until then.

Thanks for all your comments – we are listening. We are working to bring all the features you've asked for into Skype 8.

Anyway, the company wants to keep the Skype 7.x client alive for a while. So: In this sense, until Skype 7.x is discontinued again.

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