Skype 8.0 released, version 7.x will be shut off

SkypeMicrosoft has just released version 8.0 of the Skype desktop client. This client will have a couple of new features, that has been described within Microsoft's blog post here. Within this post there is also an announcement, that Microsoft plans to shut down all services for the older version 7.0 of Skype desktop client, after September 1, 2018. Update: Microsoft has extended the EOL of Skype v7.x, see.


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4 Responses to Skype 8.0 released, version 7.x will be shut off

  1. user says:

    After September 2018 many people will change there messenger of choice from Skype to something new, considering the crap v8 is and all the time they had to fix it and instead made it even wost …

  2. EP says:

    seems like Microsoft is ruining Skype like the way they're doing with Windows 10.

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