Windows 10: Mail app don’t support group mails

The mail app of Windows 10 doesn't support to send group emails to contacts located within the people app. The creation of groups in the people app is not possible. Now a Microsoft employee is trying to push the topic.


Recently I came across the thread Unable to send group emails to multiple contacts in Windows 10 People App from Sophie_Z while browsing the US Microsoft Answers forum. On she is a moderator in US Microsoft Answers forum, but she is also a Microsoft employee (support engineer). Sophie_Z apparently posted a problem and asked for more feedback.

Unable to send group emails to multiple contacts in Windows 10 People App

I am a Microsoft support engineer and I want to gather more feedback from you in regards to the issue that users cannot send emails to multiple contacts in People App, so I can drive a feature request with Windows engineering group.

I have submitted a Feedback Hub post with the issue description here:

If you could upvote the issue and leave a detailed comment about your frustration with the absence of this feature, that would help me make a strong business case for the request.

Thank you very much and please comment below if you have any more questions!

Till now, more than 500 users added their feedback. So, if you miss this feature too, feel free to send feedback.

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4 Responses to Windows 10: Mail app don’t support group mails

  1. Ron Jones says:

    Microsoft's lack of integrity on the issue of Contact Groups (unavailable) in Mail for Windows 10 is mind-blowing. Given the company's world-wide domination and high cost of products, plus all the crap you put out there about enhancing the user's experience, and given the utterly basic requirement to be able to select and group e-mail addresses, and given the fact that this kind of response has been hitting the airwaves for 2+ YEARS now, when do you propose to show a little honesty, get your act together and provide what we all need, viz. ability to group contacts in Mail?

  2. John D'Arcy says:

    Outlook from Office frequently faulters, and the usual comment it to use Mail in Window 10 as the go to app for emails. Great .. does work well … looks good, but where are my groups in contacts … I depend on them … five groups of around 60 contacts.

    What the hell is going on. What a cheap trick … Where's the integrity … I'm trying to use all Microsoft apps … ToDo, Calendar etc. Now I'm not so sure I trust you!

  3. George Christie says:

    Microsoft -please stop hanging about and get this sorted – your lack of action is infuriating thousands of people around the world, and if you don't they will be deserting you in droves to use other applications. Please do remember that you are dependent on your customers and ignore their needs at your peril.

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  5. Paul C says:

    NO GROUPS!! Arrrrrg! This issue has been going on for a long time and I wonder why it still isn't being addressed by Microsoft. Other providers provide group links in thier contact lists and I can't believe it's been so totally ignored.
    I use groups for committees, for functions, for a lot of things and it is very disappointing that the People app is so lacking. Please get it together and bring on.

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